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Thread: Chest......problems

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    This si my case. The first week I started a new chest routine, I would use a free wieght machine where you sit down and push out on 2 handle bars. I would do 1x12 1x10 and 1x8, Now when I use this mahcine I use it extremely heavily. Whne I a done with this machine my arms feel like their dead.

    After about 5 minutes I get a little bit of strength l;eft and I use a machine where I sit down and push wieght down, I do the same order as the first machine and I do this machine heavily. Now my arms are gone. I went over to the water bubler and it was hard pressing the water thing. believe it or not.

    Anyways the next machines I can only do about 20lbs less then I reg did when I was over training.

    I have been lifting for the better part of a year now and I should be able to handle that.
    Is it becuase there new exercises ?
    Am I not eating enough ?
    Not enough rest ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Raven21
    Am I not eating enough ? Not enough rest ?
    Thats hard to answer when we dont know how much and of what your eating, and how much rest you are getting. Post your diet and routine and it will help to answer your q's.
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    You should ask 50 cent right afterhe is done kicking the Rocs ass

    Jk man, um, I dont know, its hard to press down on the bubbler after a few sets? Thats weird
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    Maybe you're not doing enough dumbbell bench.


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