hi peeps. im new and i wanted to ask you guys what you would do if you were in my position. my dad hates me weightlifting. i never lifted weights seriously in my life but im into wrestling and stuff like that and their physiques always impressed me as a kid so i want to look like them. its been about 9 months now and my dad gets all pissy because he says i look nasty and shiz like that. its funny because im 6 feet and anyone else on the street would tell me im too bony. hell i dont even look like i lift weights and my dad gets all mad because he says im too big now wtf. im japanese and my dad says weightlifting is bad for your health and when you get old you get all wrinkly and your bones get screwed up etc etc. i told him i read a lot of articles that say weightlifting is good for you but he said they just say that because they want money from you and they want you to lift. so i said the articles are from doctors who have no affiliation with weightlifting companies and the only money they get is from the article they submitted. and he says its bull**** and he says don't listen to american doctors because im japanese, and japanese people are different. they need vegetables, not meat like americans. he says japanese people's bodies are made differently from others and that if we weightlift we die faster. so i told him i dont care if i die faster. then he started bitchin about a completely different subject on how stupid i think etc etc yada yada but thats another story.

anyway i currently sneak in protein and meat into my room so he doesnt know im eating food that helps you grow muscles. if he found out he'd probably throw me out of his house. oh yeah, im 22 and i live in my dad's house and go to a community college. i help him with his work 3 times a week. i go to the gym when my dads not home. if he's home i lie im going to the book store or library. i know this crap was long sorry. i just want to know what you would personally do. i asked one of my friends and he said just dont lift weights until i move out but im probably not moving out for another few years and i love weightlifting. i seriously want to get big fast. i cant hold it off any longer. i want people to think im tough for once and not the boney weak ass. i want to look like the wrestlers i see on tv and stuff. i know this is really immature but ah hell i sound like an idiot. just tell me what you would personally do.