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    Rise of the Dead Kicked Ass!

    I have to say that the Monster Muscle Rise of the Dead was the most awesome display of strength I have ever seen!

    The lineup was outstanding. I did not take notes and several of the names will escape me, but here is just a partial list (please note I am not being exact here, going by memory).

    @123 lbs: A young man of 20 years old by the name of Hawthorne. He blew everyone away by pulling ~550 lbs. He may a try in the 580s and barely missed it. This man was simply amazing!

    @144 lbs: Another young man whose name completely escapes me pulled an AMAZING 633 lbs! This guy is also 20 years old and quite simply a FREAK!

    @165 lbs: Tony "The Annointed Warrior" Conyers pulled over 700 lbs. I met this man and I must say he is just a great man.

    @244 lbs: Johnny Jackson. Nothing can be said here but SUPERFREAK!!!! The man pulled an easy 805 lbs. He was good for more. According to Johnny he is dieting down for a bodybuilding show! To me, Johnny is what all bodybuilders should aspire to be, a blend of both form AND function. Johnny is as strong as he looks!

    @298 lbs: Jon Grove, one of AtLarge's own. Jon decided to do this meet at the last minute. He had torn his hand deadlifting a few weeks ago, but thought it was sufficiently healed. Jon pulled an easy ~720 lbs and then proceeded to miss his next two attempts as his hand just turn to raw meat. You can see in the accompanying photo the blood all over him.

    @330 lbs: A new face for the AtLarge roster, James "Pit Bull" Searcy. James is a true mountain of a man and his pull in the 760s was good enough to get him in the money at this top level meet. Look for big things from this man in the near future! I have included a photo of big James below.

    Andy Bolton, the all-time biggest pull owner (932 lbs) was there as well. Andy was a bit off this day. He pulled a very easy 880 lbs and then went for a new record with 944 lbs (in that area, I might be off a pound or two). He stalled off of the floor and called it a day.

    Beau Moore was also there, but he too had a tough day.

    There were many, many others, too many for me to remember.

    This meet just kicked ass! It started at ~5:45 P.M. and was the beneficiary of an early crowd for the evening IFBB bodybuilding show. This helped to make for a very nice sized crowd. The music was LOUD and the crowd was PUMPED! Great stuff!
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    I love how you say an easy 800 lbs lol
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    Nice write up Chris, sounds like an awesome meet!
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    what about garry frank?
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    He was injured

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    in my own world

    one day

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    Unfortunately, Mr. Frank was unable to make it. It would have been nice, but the lineup more than made up for it.

    I also attended the IFBB men's bodybuilding show (both pre-judging and night shows). I will talk about that on the bodybuilding forum.

    In the end, for me, the powerlifting meets were much better to watch.

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    impressive , 123 pulling 550

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    Quote Originally Posted by bill
    impressive , 123 pulling 550
    damn, no doubt.

    This gives me hope.

    Any pics of this?

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    Its nice to see guys like Jackson and Coleman, who have strength to match up with the best in the PL world.

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    Johnny is one of my favourites. He has a kick azz physique and the strength to match it.
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