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Thread: Nitrean, great!

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    Nitrean, great!

    I've been using Nitrean @ 2 scoops a day 5 days a week and every muscle just seems to recover faster than usual. I was kinda dubious there would be *that* much of progress. I've been thinking it just might be psychological, but then results are NOT psychological, they're real! :withstupi

    I've kinda been cutting (probably more like breaking even, though), but I seem to have gained a few pounds which seems to be almost completely lean mass and 1/2 a inch in my arms within 2 weeks! I seem to be able to fit more reps in a set (not to failure) as well!

    I wonder how much strength I'll gain on this stuff while bulking! I'll come back to this thread to give a report when I bulk

    Awesome product!

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    We are glad you like the product and have expressed your opinion here. Thank you!

    AtLarge Nutrition Supplements Get the best supplements and help support Wannabebig!

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    Sounds like they shipped you some sort of magic formula, not protein.

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    He did! I swear Really though, I have noticed substantial gains, and I wasn't particularly bulking. I used to take the Optimum Whey since it was such a good value, but I never started to recover and gain so quickly. There's something about this stuff!

    Oh and Chris you can send the check to...
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