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Thread: critque the hardgaining newbie

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    critque the hardgaining newbie

    I started in Nov 2003 and started with the weight of 156ish lbs of bones and skin. So a solid 6 monthes of working out got me here to this point.

    I'm around 180 now and I was going to do a small cut to get my abs showing a bit more for summer but screw that, I'd love to get to my 200lb goal and since I'm a hardgainer fat gain is pretty miminal. Just out of curiouslity, how long will 20lbs take on a good clean bulk? I dont really bulk hard and heavy, I take it pretty slow just making sure I get all the right nutrients and protien.

    Anyway, since I'm at a plateau, I have to change up my routine big time and I'm just seeking some critisizm on what I should concentrate more on. You'll notice no leg pics, its because I've still got my chicken legs which will be the center of my new routine.
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