I'm looking to get back into weight training at the moment, after doing basically none for about a year. When i was training, i would say i got roughly 2-3 months experience at most. Up to now recently i've only done a rough workout or 2 to try to gauge my strength, needless to say i seem to have lost strength from not training, although not as much as i would have expected.

Basically my question was would you recomend Baby Got Back or Ripptoe's Starting Strength as a routine to start with again, as these are the two that appeal to me at the moment.

And yes i do realise that a routine alone won't aid progress at all. I'm currently starting to eat more again in an aim to do a reasonably slow bulk. I'm looking to get to roughly 200 pounds without gaining unnecessary amounts of bodyfat while doing so. Currently i'm about 5 foot 9 and weigh about 170 pounds, at a bodyfat level i'm reasonably happy with. So would my aim of gettin to 200 pounds seem reasonable to aim for by Septmember (start of rugby season at college) ?