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Thread: Lower body exercises with bad knees

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    Lower body exercises with bad knees

    I'm still working through this Osgood-Schlatter knee disease (I think .. if it's something worse than that sucks) and I'm needing to try to put in exercises that aren't going to bother it too much. At the same time, I think that making my quads/hams bigger should make the problem go away to an extent. Anyways, what exercises do I need to stay away from / what do I need to consider?

    I've been trying to do some kind of quad/"knee" exercises, like leg extensions or front squats or this quad-focused leg press thing and do like 100 reps or so, increasing the weight each week. I'm not sure if it's really working though ..

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    I would say test and see what results in pain and what doesn't and go from there.
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    I have no idea what that knee disease is, but I just came off of therapy from a knee injury. I tore both my miniscus (sp?) and my ACL. I'm back to working out with my knee again, but my routine is pretty specific to a knee injury and is approved by my doctor. Here's what I do and a few tips (I'm not a doctor, so take'm or leave'm).

    - Squats (AFT) 3 x 8
    - Single leg presses (on sled) 2 x 8
    - Leg Curls 2 - 8
    - Straight leg dead lifts 2 - 8
    - Calf raises 2 - 8

    Big TIP... leg extensions are out. This is from the knee center at University of Florida. Even with a healthy knee, it wears the underside of your knee cap away and your miniscus. Even worse when you have a miniscus injury like I do.

    Right now, I'm working light and working my way up. I'm not sure light with high reps is the way to go. I think you'll increase your chance of injury. My tharapist kept me under 15 reps always.

    For example... my last squat was 95 lbs (ATF). Not overly impressive, but enought to make me sore and it's building up the strengh around my knee. Hey... two months ago I couldn't do a body weight squat, so I call that good progress!

    The single leg presses are to bring the strengh of my injured knee up to my non-injured knee.

    The rest of the exercises are much better. It won't be long till I'm squating a lot more. My knee is getting stronger every week.



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