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Thread: Pre and post workout food

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    Pre and post workout food

    What should my pre-and post workout diet contain?proteins?carbs?and can you be a bit more specific about how much of them do i eat?and how longer before and after the work out do i eat it?i heard they both should be 1 hour?
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    Before a workout I usually take an energy drink like ripped force or thermo with ephedra (sp?) I eat my one meal during the day. I also make sure I dont have any carbs past 6pm est for me. And then after my workout I take a bottle of ISOPURE and add a scoop of whey protein to that shake it up and drink.
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    i have 2 post workout 'meals'. I lift at 5:00. pwo #1 is 34g protein (whey) and 90g dextrose. pwo #2 is small chicken breast and 3 cans of those small white potatoes - this is again 34g protein and 90g carbs.

    I eat a meal 3 hours before my workout, and 30 minutes before i eat an apple.
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