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Thread: JustinASU's post bulk pics

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    haha your muscular physique is very similar to mine just about 3 times bigger!

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    There may be hope yet. JustinASU's Avatar
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    Well hell, didnt' expect that much of a response. I thought they were mediocre pics at best. I've gained about 10-15 lbs since starting about 3 months ago. Most of it muscle I'm hoping since I didnt gain too much fat. Finally benched 300, Deadlifted 550 at the peak before the injury

    Although I realize I probably dont work my calves enough, rest assured they ARE 17" which isn't tiny, but quads are a bit ahead. I just hate calf work. Oh and I did not do direct arm, delt, or ab work.

    I appreciate the feedback guys. It've worked my ass off with about 5-6 hrs of sleep a night and when people recognize that, it's all worth it.
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    Got the size for sure. Looks good, nice mass.
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    You look big Justin, especially in the chest.

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    Big and lean everywhere justin. I see some definition just about everywhere. I'd say the only imbalance is in the calves. It could be just the lighting though.
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