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Thread: Grip strength question on WBB #1

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    Grip strength question on WBB #1

    I just started WBB#1 yesterday, and it is awesome... completely different than the routine I've had for the past three months. One issue I have with the prescribed back routine is grip strength. I haven't lifted with straps in a long time, and yesterday was no different. My grip is giving out with much lower weight than I know my back can handle.

    So here's the million dollar question: should I lift with straps so I can go heavy, or should I lift without and wait for my grip strength to catch up? Or, should I alternate weeks and do heavy lifts one week with straps and then lighter weight without straps the next week?

    Thanks for your help, and thanks for a routine that shows a lot of potential!
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    I would suggest the straps for a while. Add some grip work to help your grip catch up. This helped me a huge aomunt and now I don't need straps anymore.
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