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Thread: Sharp Stabbing Shoulder Pain!

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    Sharp Stabbing Shoulder Pain!

    Hello all,
    I am currently experiencing some shoulder pain in my left shoulder. I was benching heavy and after the set i had a sharp stabbing pain in my shoulder. Particularly behind the front deltold. I did some searching and found it might be the AC joint. (acromio-clavicular joint). The weird thing is that the pain was gone the next day, till i had back day. and it came back.

    Currently im icing it and planning to go to the doc. Till then i was wondering if anyone has experienced this type of pain and if so what was it diagosed.

    I am thinking pessimistically right now, if it is severe, HOPE TO GOD IT ISN"T, what can i do instead of chest and back. Arms possibly? Legs of course. What can i do to cope? Can i train light? What about doing Legs, arms, and cardio? Is my upper body gonna suffer? HELP!
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    I expreienced a similar pain, but mine was toward the front of the shoulder. It was caused by an impingement. Best of luck with the MD.

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    Could be a pinched nerve, hope for that since it isn't too severe and will heal in a few weeks. As far as training while you're hurt, don't do it. I finally just got back into the gym after a month of back problems, and there is no way, no matter what kind of training I did, that it would have ever healed if I worked out. Depending on what the doc says, you still could probably do some mild cardio or something, just better check with him/her.


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