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Thread: UPDATED - Bench America II Preview Show Times

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    UPDATED - Bench America II Preview Show Times

    Network Air Times
    Bench America II

    30 Minute Preview Show

    96.699 Million Households have these channels!
    Powerlifting is taking over TV Land!

    Wednesday, May 12th
    FSA – FOX Sports Net Arizona 3PM Mountain Time
    FSBA –FOX Sports Net Bay Area 3PM Pacific Time
    FSCH – FOX Sports Net Chicago 3PM Central Time
    FSD –FOX Sports Net Detroit 3PM Eastern Time
    FSFL – FOX Sports Net Florida 3PM Eastern Time
    FSMW – FOX Sports Net Midwest 3PM Central Time
    FSNE – FOX Sports Net New England 3PM Eastern Time
    FSNO – FOX Sports Net North/Minnesota 3PM Central Time
    FSNW – FOX Sports Net Northwest 3PM Pacific Time
    FSNY – FOX Sports Net New York 3PM Eastern Time
    FSOH – FOX Sports Net Ohio 3PM Eastern Time
    FSP – FOX Sports Net Pittsburgh 3PM Eastern Time
    FSRM – FOX Sports Net Rocky Mountain 3PM Central Time
    FSS – FOX Sports Net Southwest 3PM Central Time
    FSSO – FOX Sports Net South 3PM Eastern Time
    FSW – FOX Sports Net West 3PM Pacific Time
    FSWI – FOX Sports Net North Wisconsin 3PM Central Time

    Thursday, May 13th
    FSNW – FOX Sports Net Northwest 1:30PM Pacific Time

    Friday, May 14th
    FSNE – FOX Sports Net New England 2PM Eastern Time
    FSW2 – FOX Sports Net West 2 3PM Pacific Time

    Saturday, May 15th
    ZCSN – Comcast Sports Net Philadelphia 3PM Eastern Time

    Sunday, May 16th
    CSNM – Comcast Sports Net – Mid Atlantic 12PM Eastern Time

    Log on to the website below for more information.

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    nm, I missed a part, but the link doesn't work
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    What's up Sean! How have you been?

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    Quote Originally Posted by heavylifterx
    nm, I missed a part, but the link doesn't work
    This could possibly be because the thread is from May.
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    Even got Chris lol.
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