I've been thinking lately about muscular size and what actually is the best method to stimulate it. At this present moment in time I feel that progressive reistance combined with a positive calorie (adequate protein) will acheive this.

But then with my own experiences something throws me off course. My legs just seem to grow no matter what I do, whether it be: high volume, low volume, 20 reps x1, periods without training and so forth. Right now my quads measure at 28" (and still growing)@ a bodyweight of 212lbs (6ft 2). But no matter how hard i try with my upper body progress moves at a snails pace, what gives?

Is it that genetics are the 'Bottom Line' and no matter what protocol you follow, you will grow how nature intended? Other than chemical enhancement of course.

Hopefully i can get a better insight to this through some of the other guys experiences here