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Thread: Sunbeds?

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    Because I tend to still suffer from bad skin I am considering the idea of going to sunbeds, 12 x a year(i think thats the recommended "Safe" amount). I have heard it been said that sunbeds do help witht the skin because it dries them out, my only problem is that I jave very sensitive skin and do not turn brown, unfortunately i burn and turn red very easy but hopefully it will make my skin more weathered so when i do go away perhaps ill go brownish. So do u recommend this to do..have any of u experienced these and have they helped or not?
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    If you don't want to burn you're not going to lie in the bed for very long. Couple this with the fact that you're only going once a month and I don't see how this will help much. If you're afraid that tanning is bad for you, don't do it at all. If not, go AT LEAST once per week and make it worth your while.

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    I have been tanning for the past month getting ready for vacation to the beach. I tan fairly easy but dont burn too easy and started out in the beds at 12 - 20 minutes. (depending on bed)

    My wife has very fair skin like your describing. She started off at 6 minutes and has worked her way up to 12 minutes (depending on bed) and she is starting to get a nice tan.

    Why did I post:

    It has helped my skin alot. Acne is subsided for the most part, but I did notice my skin will get more oily than it use to from time to time. Even the blemishes I do get are only slightly visible.

    12 x a year? I tan every other day, will probably go ahead and continue the membership this year since we got such a sweet deal (the guys computers keep breaking and I fix them when I go in so they gave us a discounted rate) just to assist my skin. Probably slow down though to 2x a week after vacation.
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    Numerous studies have been done on the dangers of tanning salons. Do some google research if you really want to know but be carefull!

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    frying skin under concentrated light is not that healthy -- but it does help clear up skin.
    i go once a week (maybe every 8 or 9 days if not every 7) - just to help dry my face out. my skin always looks good in the summer because of the sun exposure.

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