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Thread: Does your body adjust to rest periods?

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    Does your body adjust to rest periods?

    Im used to resting 2 mins between sets, recently I changed some things around with a lil lighter weight but only 1 minute between sets. My ****ing endurance is piss poor, I will do fine on set one but my reps will drop like crazy in the following sets. Does the muscle adjust to the rest period after a while?
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    Yes, it adjusts.

    I've done a lot of work in the past using one minute rest between sets, (I've advocated it for some people on this board) and I've had good results from it. It takes about a month or so to fully adjust. Just keep trying

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    I can sympathise. I went from using 4mins in-between sets to just 1min only two weeks ago. Needless to say my ego got a good kicking with the amount of weight I had to drop to make the reps. The first time my body figuratively went, "What the hell was that?" But now after my second repeat? My gains are really coming. A lot faster than when I was focused on strength. Plus I've got to say, I love getting in there and just flying through the workout. How much longer these rapid gains will continue before my body adapts I have no idea. For a very, very long time now I have worked out with long rest intervals. So I am hoping the present response lasts for a while. The great thing about moving from heavy to light? Neurologically you can already lift the weight easily, so now it is just about metabolic adaptations.
    Your program differs to mine in that you allude to doing RM sets. I keep the weight constant across all work sets. Too, I don't do high reps. I work in the 5-3 rep range. This may be a factor for you depending on the rep no. you do yourself.


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