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Thread: left pec more developed than the right

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    left pec more developed than the right

    So, this happen to anyone else? I can't really thing how it happened. Its not like I only do DB presses on one side.. there is easily 2-3 cm difference between the two unflexed.. any ideas how I can work the other one into shape? I guess I can just do db flies until the cows come home and the left one evens out.. but that will be awkward. Please give me some ideas.

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    2-3 cm's? To me, that seems like an insignificant amount to be worried about.
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    If you keep working both evenly, they should eventually even up or come close to it. I wouldnt train one over the other however, I heard that it is bad for you. (though I am being "sheepy" since I have no idea why)
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