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Thread: Hrm Forearm/Bicep "pain"...

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    Hrm Forearm/Bicep "pain"...

    I notice when I'm doing anything that involves the bicep or forearm I get a slight twinge in those respective areas... I wouldn't quite call it pain (which is why I put pain in quotations in the title)... I've noticed this before when a new vein is popping out of my arm or bicep, but is this normal? It gets to the point where it feels weird to lift... Of course, I finish the set and whatever other sets I need to do, but every rep feels different than normal...
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    I had something similar to that, until it got worse and worse. It was a tendon in my forearm, but it hurt everytime I did biceps too. After A week I felt nearly 100%. If it gets any worse take off a few days.

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    its mostly tendonitis, which is very common for curling movements. try some ibuprofen before lifting.
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    I had pains in my right forearm for years...dismissed it. Then it tore when deadlifting 550, turned out to be my distal biceps tendon. The constant abuse from heavy curls, discus throwing, softball, powercleans etc etc took its toll. Be careful with the arm, if you have good insurance have it checked out. 100 bucks is better than a 15k surgery.

    Good luck

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    yeah, take a little time off and some IB Profen
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