Does anyone know the workout routines of any of the ultimate fighters? I don't know if anyone is interested in UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships), but if you see some of the fighters, they have awesome bodies. Not only are they huge, but they're also lighting fast(at least some of them).

I'm pretty sure they do a hellava lot of Cardio, but I don't understand how they can put on the weight.

My ultimate goal is to be hugh, 200lbs (150lbs right now) of pure muscle and be able to run 3 miles in 18 mins. And I'm noticing it's harder then it seems.

I have been on a workout program for the past 3 months, however I have been losing weight. I lift Mon, Wed, Fri and run Tues, Thurs, Sat. I run 3 miles as fast as I can(22 mins). I also eat 6 meals a day. However, I have lost weight since the beginning. When I first started the program, I weighted 157lbs, but now I weight 150lbs.

Everybody has been telling me to cut back on the running, but I refuse to. I know all Ultimate fighters/boxers run like crazy, however they seem to put on the weight. I started taking some weight gainers but, i'll see how that works out in a few weeks. If anyone has any suggestions please tell.