New journal, new goals I decided to call this one the next step because the short term goals from my old journal were achieved I finally feel like my body is starting to even out. When I first started training, I never squated because lack of equipment/knowledge. Since then my lifting proportions have started to get on track(i.e squatting more than I bench etc..). I won't be benching/dips for a little while because of reoccuring pain in my forearms after sets. I had this a while back and had to switch to dbs and drop dips completely. Had a nice workout today, so that's where I'll begin.

Incline DB Bench Press

60 x 15 I really need to get to the store to grab some more dbs, if they weren't 60 bucks a pair I'd already have em

60 x 15 I think I'm going to grab some 70s at Dicks this week so I can get into my norm rep range.


35 x 9

35 x 9 Not a big fan of these, but without dips and close grip whatta gonna do.

Cable Pressdown

70 x 11

70 x 12 Nice and strict form

ATF Squats

185 x 7

185 x 6 Felt very nice, my favorite exersise by far. REally improving on these by the session.

Calf Raises

185 x 10

185 x 10

Not a lot of volume here. Everything is getting worked twice a week with my routine and it seems to be working well for me. One thing I really need to reincorporate is direct ab work. I haven't done abs in 5 months I'd say.