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Thread: Sometimes I feel wiped... and I don't mean my body

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    Sometimes I feel wiped... like my brain, not my muscles

    Often I get the feeling like I'm completely wiped out. My face gets pale and my eyes get red, in direct proportion to how weak and wiped I feel... I can hardly talk during these spells, I lack my natural exuberance. These episodes seem to last for days sometimes. What's this from? Is this from being too hungry? The amount of sleep in me seems to have no effect, but when I get some good food in me I seem to feel a little better. Also around 10 pm it seems to get better... it's probably worst between 3 and 8 pm. Is it psychological or something? Or blood sugar levels?
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    That is one of the symptoms of diabetes.

    How is your diet? Maybe be worth posting it this thread to see if its related to your diet?

    Have you noticed any other changes in your body? Are you thirsty all the time? Hows your vision?
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    What he said.

    Show your typical daily diet and training times. Also whats your job and hours of work. Whats your homelife like? Im gunning for general stress levels here.



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