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Thread: measurement survey

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    measurement survey

    approx bf%:
    years training:

    arm measurement:


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    height: 5'10" 178lbs
    bf: never checked
    years training: 6months

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    This was from a LONG time ago.. maybe 6 months ago. Oh well.

    age: 18
    height: 5'10"
    weight: 220 lbs.
    approx bf%: ?
    years training: 6 years

    arm measurement: 17.5"
    forearm: 16"
    waist: 36"
    calves: 17.75"

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    Tampa Bay, FL
    age: 38
    height: 5'8"
    weight: 202
    approx bf%: 10
    years training: Off and on for 20, latest incarnation, 3

    arm measurement: 17
    forearm: 13.5
    waist: 32
    calves: 16.5

    Who cares about forearms and calves? What about chest?

    Neck: 17
    Chest: 49
    Thigh: 25

    Forearms. LOL!
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    new meXico

    Just Curious About Your Guys Stats

    just wanted to know, things like height, bodyweight, body fat%, maxes on bench, squat, deads, curl, etc.
    also age, years lifting, how many gurls youve slept with
    heh, anything else you can think of.........
    gurls too**

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    layin up against a dumpster in a 100 dollar jumper, smothered in southern comfort.
    age: 20
    height: 5 10
    approx bf%: let's say 6% or so
    years training: exactly 3

    arm measurement: 16+1/8th
    forearm: 14 or so
    waist: 29"
    calves: 15.5

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    5'6 195 30" waist, 50" chest, best legs and lats you've ever seen

    Oh yea, my smile ain't too shabby either

    I'm not gonna mention how many girls, cuz I know some internet loser that only sees pussy online is gonna say he had more.

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    5'6" 150-152lbs(Gained 10-12lbs in the past 2-3months thanks to taking 4 TBSP of Flax seed oil)FYI I'm gonna start taking 4 TBSP agin tomorrow

    BF %:20%

    Age:23 1/2 years
    Lifting:5 years(4 years at 50% capacity 1 1/2 years Full steam ahead)

    Bench: DB=50lbs(But will probably increase up to 55lbs because 50lbs is starting to get easy)

    Deadlift:I don't do them,I don't even know the form_Yeah I know I should learn & do them


    Dumbbell Curls:35lbs Gonna try and push for 40lbs this week

    That's all folks
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    im 6ft 1 210 lbs
    shoe size~ 14-15

    i can only do legs and shrugs right now and have been slacking on legs

    i am shrugging 535 lbs for 3 sets

    bf is probably 14% not for sure i got pics in journal if they are at 10% then im at 12-13 now but im 20-25 lbs heavier

    been training a yr and a half injury free for 7 months out of that

    last time i lifted these were the lifts
    bench (db) 200x12x3
    curls-50 lb db curls for sets of 10
    close grip press-225x8
    cybex lat pull 310x12x3
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    I'm probably the worst but I'll post it anyway

    I'm 5'8" and 177lbs @ 21% bodyfat

    1RM bench press- 325lbs
    1RM squat- 275 lbs
    1RM curl- 155lbs

    I have no definition to speak of but I am kinda thick looking

    I'm not keeping my mesurements cause they change so fast, I gain fat really fast, often just by opening the fridge

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    I'm 17; be 18 the 21st of Feb.

    5'11" - 200 pounds - bout 20% Body Fat (+ or - a little). I have a 48" Chest w/ a 34" waist. Arms are 16 & 1/4".

    After I broke my ribs I've been back into lifting about 1&1/2 months. But I started REALLY lifting about a year ago.

    My Lifts as of Right Now :
    Bench Press - 260 pounds
    Shrugs - 210 pounds, 12x, 3sets
    Dead Lift - 385 pounds
    Leg Press - 635 pounds (yeah i know, needs A LOT of work)
    Singe Isolation Curl - 70 pounds x 2 reps (largest dumbell we got)

    My Lifts Before Broke Ribs :
    Bench Press - 315 pounds
    Shrugs - 250, 12x, 3 sets
    Dead Lift - 445 pounds
    Leg Press - 680 pounds
    Isolation Curl - 70 pounds x 5 reps

    My weight & height didnt change hardly at all during the 8 weeks I was off for my ribs.
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    Im 17 years old. I am 5'10'' and weigh 177lbs. I dont know what the hell my bodyfat is and I dont have string, so I cant measure.

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    5'11", ~217, 8-9% bodyfat (playing it safe), waist 31"

    bench: ~330 x 1
    squat: 405 x 5 (6-7 if I were fresh)
    dead: 470 x 7 (Max single probably only about 500, though)
    I can do pretty good weighted pull-ups too.

    Okay, enough stat masturbation. I hate comparing stats on the net.

    I'm all lat, btw. Everything else pretty much sucks. "trained" in high school for around 3 years, never got anywhere. Wasted a year cutting, then languished at 148 pounds for another half a year (while training). Been training for weight gain for around a year and a half.

    And I've had fewer girls than beercan. Though that's probably because they actually come back.

    "Except Belial. He knows everything. This isn't a sarcastic attack, either. He really knows everything." -----Organichu
    "Alex is all knowing and perfect"-----Jane (loosely paraphrased)
    -515/745/700 bench/deadlift/squat
    Current mile time: 4:23
    Marathons: 3
    Century races: 3
    Ironmans: 1
    Ultramarathons: 1
    Current supps:

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    I just measured my calf at 16 exactly. Not bad considering I usually slack off on leg day

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    baha b. *lol* you're 217 now? damn.
    A little learning is a dangerous thing...

    Live Dangerously! Learn a Little!

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    merged these 2 threads together as they are asking for relatively the same info....
    A little learning is a dangerous thing...

    Live Dangerously! Learn a Little!

    Dude, did Doogie Howser just steal my fucking car?

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    I haven't taken many measurements...

    25 years old, 5'11" 245lbs @95%bf (heh, actually i'm pretty damned thick with large bonestructure, nobody has ever guessed me above 220lbs before. I have seen my abs before, I know they exist.)

    I took bicep/calf measurements just cuz someone said they should be around the same number and I was curious. Surprisingly enough they were both exactly 18".

    Size 12.5 shoe

    I haven't tried maxing too often...but I'll list the highest weights...

    Bench: I don't usually bb bench but I've done 245. For DBs I use between 80s and 90s for sets of 6-8.

    Squat: I haven't squatted much in my life but Last time out I did a set of 300lbs but using the smith machine...although still with proper form.

    Deadlift: I haven't deadlifted, but I stiff-leg deadlift. The most i've done is 340lbs for one rep with an injury. The previous set was 6 reps of 310lbs.

    I would not consider myself someone who has trained for more than 3-6 months. Even when I started here I wasn't very consistent. I've owned many gym memberships but they were basically just another shiny card in my wallet.

    I used to play tons of sports and had a great build. At least once a day someone would ask me if I work out and wouldn't believe me when I just said I played sports. Then I left university and got a desk job. The rest is history...

    I have probably had less women than beercan, although I have had his mother on several occaisions if that counts for anything...
    Deadlifts are like women, they'll hurt you everytime, but they'll also make you a man. - Me

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    Age: 32 yrs

    Lifting: 6 mos

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 212 lbs

    Bodyfat: 24%

    Cranium: 23"

    Neck: 16"

    Bicep: 16.5"

    Forearm: 13"

    Wrist: 7"

    Chest: 47"

    Waist: 39.5"

    Thigh: 26"

    Calf: 15"

    Ankle: 9.5"

    Shoe Size: 13

    Cigarettes: ~ 95,000

    Bench: 275 lbs

    Teeth: 32

    Grudges: 2

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    Indianapolis, Indiana

    Re: measurement survey

    age: 18
    height: 5'7"
    weight: 171
    approx bf%: 15%
    years training: 1

    arm measurement:

    ** I'll measure up tommorrow, need someone to do it for me.

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    Re: Just Curious About Your Guys Stats

    Originally posted by stuDinProgreSS

    just wanted to know, things like height, bodyweight, body fat%, maxes on bench, squat, deads, curl, etc.
    also age, years lifting, how many gurls youve slept with
    heh, anything else you can think of.........
    gurls too**
    How about your stats tough guy?

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    Fart - you should win an award.

    My toys are all sticky - LOL!

    I'm 31
    215 pounds
    Haven't measured for about a year - quit worrying about it.

    My lifts are in my training log.
    Squats work better than supplements.
    "You know, if I thought like that, I'd never put more than one plate on the bar for anything, I'd never use bands or chains, I'd never squat to parallel or below, and I'd never let out the slightest grunt when I lift. At some point in your lifting career (assuming you're planning on getting reasonably strong and big), you're going to have to accept that most people think you are some kind of freak." -Sensei
    "You're wrong, and I have a completely irrelevant pubmed abstract that may or may not say so." - Belial
    I has a blog.
    I has a facebook.

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    on the short bus
    Age - 24
    Yrs training - 9
    Waist - 32
    Chest - rediculously huge and perfect
    Arms - Dwarf my mothers arms
    Thighs - like those you might find on a 200 lb frog, but not green and toes are not webbed
    Calves - non-existant
    Forearms - popeye
    Balls/pubes - shaved/neatly trimmed

    ?% bf
    Bench - 245 x 10
    Squat - 355 x 10
    Deadlift - 425 x 10

    Just kidding about the years training, it's actually 9.5.
    "He's the best damn rollerskater that ever lived...probably in the whole town" - Chris Pontius

    If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with.

    5'10" 215 lbs
    Personal Bests:
    Bench 355
    Squat 505
    Deadlift 560

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    Re: measurement survey

    Originally posted by frankm007
    approx bf%: 18
    years training: 8

    arm measurement: 14"
    calves:ummm, 17 I think

    Can't remember chest. I've got a long way to go, but give me 8 more months like the last one and I'll have all the body I need!

    There is no better way to fight weakness than with strength. Once the mind and body have been awakened to their true potential, it's impossible to turn back.

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    6'1 (will prolly hit 6'3)
    waist 31
    supremely lean

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    san francisco
    age: 18
    height: 5'3-4
    approx bf%: 10-12
    years training: almost 2

    arm measurement: 13.5in
    forearm: ?
    waist: 30
    calves: ?

    pic from last year
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    The most important drug is to train like a madman
    -really like a madman
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    Alexandr Karelin
    Ten-time World Greco-Roman Champion
    1988, 1992, 1996 Olympic gold medalist

    current stats (10/19/03): 20yrs, M, 5'4 @160lbs, ~11% body fat
    lifted since march 2000
    occupation:MCB major @ uc berkeley


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