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Thread: question about cable crunches

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    question about cable crunches

    For those of you who do cable crunches, I was wondering what range of motion you use. I'm not sure how far back up I am supposed to go after crunching down to the ground. I started out going back up almost to my starting position (kneeling on the ground, back straight up and perpendicular to the floor) but it seemed like my low back was doing most of the work when I did this. I recently started using a much smaller range of motion, only raising myself off the ground several inches, then crunching back down again. It seemed to hit my abs a lot better. Is this correct?

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    i have been told and have always done them where you stretch all the way up to stretch the abs all the way then contract back down. your pivot will be the lower back. you dont become all the way erect but i would say anywhere from 60-70% range of motion to get a good stretch. another tip is to keep your rear stationary. i see so many people that on the way up lift their hips and let their knees pivot to allow the body to move forward. stay still.


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