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Thread: Please critique my routine

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    Please critique my routine

    I need some advice on how to improve my routine (should I switch anything around or use other exercises, etc.) I just don't want to overtrain my muscles and I don't want to give them TOO much rest. Please help me out, criticize my routine. I want to be able to get the best out of my workouts, and I hope you guys can help me do that.

    Here is my routine:
    DAY 1: Chest, Triceps
    DAY 2: Biceps, Forearms
    DAY 3: Traps, Back, Abs
    DAY 4: Deltoids
    DAY 5: Legs
    DAY 6: Abs

    Here are the exercises I use, and the order I do them in:

    DAY 1
    1) Flat wide bench press (4 sets)
    2) Incline wide bench press (4 sets)
    3) Level dumbbell flyes (4 sets)

    1) Level close-grip bench press (4 sets)
    2) One-arm triceps extension (4 sets per arm)
    3) Dumbell kickbacks (4 sets per arm)

    DAY 2
    1) Concentration curls (4 sets per arm)
    2) Standing barbell curls (4 sets)
    3) Preacher curls (3 sets)
    4) Hammer curls (3 sets)

    1) Reverse wrist curls (4 sets)
    2) Behind-the-back wrist curls (4 sets)
    3) Hammer wrist curls (4 sets)

    DAY 3
    1) Barbell shrugs (4 sets)
    2) Behind-the-back barbell shrugs (4 sets)

    1) Deadlifts (4 sets)
    2) Bent-over barbell rows (4 sets)
    3) One-arm dumbbell rows (4 sets per arm)
    4) Lying dumbbell rows (4 sets)

    DAY 4
    1) Arnold presses (3 sets)
    2) Forward raises (3 sets)
    3) Lateral raises (4 sets)
    4) Bent-over lateral raises (4 sets)

    DAY 5
    1) Squats (4 sets)
    2) Leg extensions (3 sets)
    3) Lying leg curls (4 sets)
    4) calf raises (4 sets)

    DAY 6
    1) Reverse crunches (2 sets)
    2) Crunches (2 sets)
    3) Side crunches (2 sets per side)
    *I also do this ab routine at the end of my workout on day 3

    Age= 17
    Weight= 151
    Height= 5'8''
    Bench= 125lbs X 10REPS (I've never tryed maxing out)
    Curl= 80lbs X 6REPS

    Anyways, this is my routine. I would greatly appreciate it if you guys could help me out and critique it. Thanks!!
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    looks very good, if you sleep enough and eat enough, you will grow quicker than you think, if you train like a hard ass that is.
    A big thanks to all my friends in the USA, I am deeply grateful for your hospitality and kindness.

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    On my back day, my biceps are doing a lot of work (with all the pulling movements). What can I do to the dumbell rows, barbell rows, etc. to put less emphasis on my biceps?
    I do my biceps the day before my back, so they are sometimes sore on my back day. Should my biceps be fine, since I give they have like 5 days off after kinda working them 2 days in a row (day 2 + indirectly with back day 3)?
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    Dont worry about it, your backs gonna get worked either way, i used to worry about small stuff like that, if u were too concerned u could do bis and back same day and do bis first as to exhaust them so they dont help for the back workouts as much but personally i wouldnt worry...

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    I just got a gym membership. So now I have a lot more options than I did working out at my house. There's all kinds of new equipment I haven't used before. There's leg press, machines, pullup bars, etc (almost anything I need). What exercises do you guys suggest I should add to my workouts, now that I have more options? Please critique my routine (it is posted at the top of this thread / scroll up). Are there other exercises that I should bring into my workouts, or anything that should be switched around?
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