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Thread: Committed to 8 weeks of UD2 style training and diet now....ouch.

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    Committed to 8 weeks of UD2 style training and diet now....ouch.

    Just started a new 8 week training and diet routine today. Its following the UD2 diet to the letter. Goals are to get ripped for summer (obviously) and hopefully keep (or improve upon) what puny gains i made prior to that. After the UD2 (assuming it works - i have faith it will)...ill be going on the mother of all clean bulks to get some bodyweight on my meager frame. But thats 8 weeks away.

    If anyone would like to comment/flame/critisize or encourage (that would be nice lol) or have a look just out of curiosity (especially if you have prior UD2 experience) Im running a journal over on the journals where you can see the hideous nitty gritty of my next 8 weeks of abject misery. You will need a degree in maths to follow the numbers on the diet tho Cos im anal. If anyone has any "gems" for surviving the training side of the diet I would love to hear em please


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    Well, UD2 is BRUTAL, but worth it! The best and only thing you can really do to improve the training sessions is use a EC stack, drink tons of water(helps you feel kinda full) and listen to your favorite music very very VERY loud.

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    whats the UD2 workout look like? ive never heard of it.


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