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Thread: Adam's 'Get fit Westside style' Journal

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    Adam's 'Get fit Westside style' Journal

    I finaly decided i needed a journal.
    heres a little about myself, been liftin since july, i started mainly for size but soon my desire to start powerlifting came, i tried one program specificaly for it but to many bad things happened(exams, flu, not enough rest) so im startin fresh with my own routine based on Arthur Jone's information on negative training.
    My best lifts are deadlift 392 could have been more
    bench 245 but long time ago, probly 260 at least now
    squat ? im still gettin the technique down so no maxin yet.
    These were all at bodywieght of 172 and im 16 years old.
    now on to my routine.

    Today: Back
    deads 15@225 9@285
    negative db rows 5@75 with 10 second negative
    negative bb curls 3@70 with 12 second negative
    positive work is done by spotters.

    Diet: Not set yet, tryin to keep high protein and moderate carbs.

    Sleep: 9 hours

    Goals: For next few months add more size, then will turn to powerlifting for another while to get in peak strenght.

    Weight: 173

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    Best Meet @ Lifts@181:...............Best gym lifts
    Squat...- 403..........................Squat....- 395 w/belt
    Bench...- 303..........................Bench....- 300....Paused in meet - 281
    Deadlift.- 503.....Unofficial 513...Deadlift..- 490
    Total....- 1,203...IPF Class II......All done raw, Touch'n go bench

    "Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly" Robert F. Kennedy

    "A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he gives up"

    "However beautiful the strategy you should occasionally look at the results" John Berardi

    Powerlifting Westside Style

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