Hey everyone, im new to this forum. I use other forums. Im 18 years old, Im 5'5, last time I weighed myself was 3 weeks ago and I weighed at 180. I also measured my muscles, and I have 13 inch arms, 38 inch chest, 25 inch legs, and 42 inch shoulders. I weighed 195 pounds last year, mostly fat...so I went on the atkins diet and lost 43 pounds..i weighed 155 pounds when I was done. Then i started working out, and I gained back 25 pounds, to weigh 180. But I dont look a thing like last year, most of what I gained I believe was muscle. I still look sorta lean. Now is where Im curious...its the summer, Im going away to college on September 4th in Canada, and I want to look my best. I want to look lean, lose my gut-lose my love handles and my "chest fat". I also want to have built arms, shoulders, chest, and all. So im deciding to either cut or just do low-carb. I want to get down to at least 160...so should i cut or do low-carb, then start working out again?? im not sure if i should cut, or stop working out for 2 months and do low-carb again...then start working out again and bulk. If I cut, my plan is to wake up, having some protein (maybe tuna-no carbs) and then run a mile and walk high intensity. Walking high intensity i hear prevents u from losing muscle, and so does having protein before cardio. Then every 2 hours i eat more protein (tuna, meat, salmon, mackerel, shake)...i go to the gym around noon and workout for 45 minutes, then do an hour or so of cardio, with a protein shake before the cardio. Ill also try not to consume sugar, leave all my carbs to complex carbs, and try to eat around 150-200g of carbs a day, ketogenic range. Also try to lower my caloric intake to around 2200-2500. Like I said, im gonna start this plan once school finishes for me, June 11th and go until September 3rd. Is it possible at all to drop 20 pounds, or maybe even 25 pounds (hopefully fat) with the diet plan im talking about? Like i said, i want to go to college looking lean and muscular. If not, then i guess doing low-carb until the end of July is a better idea, then start bulking in August?? What do you guys think?? My AIM screen-name is VenezianPrince if u want to give me advice, so any advice will be appreciated.