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Thread: TKD-CKD diets..which is better?

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    TKD-CKD diets..which is better?

    Can u all give me ur advice on which diet is better between TKD, or CKD. I JUST read about these, and think THESE are a better idea instead of the standard ketogenic diets which will make me lose muscle along with losing fat. I am 5'5, weigh 180. Im going to college on September 4th and want to look good by the time i leave. I want to drop down to at least 160. Im gonna start June 11th, so im giving myself time to prepare. Sorry i keep writing the same thing, im just real excited about it. I personally see TKD as better. I dont understand CKD yet....any input??? Can u explain CKD more...

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    With CKD you really need to change your training routine to comply with the diet, which can be a pain in the ass.

    At least with the TKD you can keep the same routine and not hinder your training so much.
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    For mr CKD was the best by far. I lost most of the 75 pounds I lost with a CKD. And the refeed days were a big plus and ensured that I stuck with the diet. First two weeks are hard though since your body has to get used to the diffrent fuel.


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