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Thread: Squat Problems!!

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    Squat Problems!!


    I've been squatting for a while, although I see posts of guys pushing a huge weight and complaining about their knees or whatever. Does no-one find it hard on the back as me?? I try to ensure correct form with my butt out and my back straight, but after a set of 20 or a work set of 12 I'm really feeling it in my lower back rather than my quads. Do you think a few sets of leg extensions / leg curls that exaust my legs would be benficial??


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    Yeah thats a good idea, lots of people will do a few sets of leg extensions to pre-exhaust their quads. How do you "feel" it in your back? like, is it sore or is it like... painfull? Also, keep your head up and chest out. Hope I helped.

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    this may sound strange.... i do my abs before and part of that is the laying on the bench-and-holding onto the bar leg lifts(only name i can think of for it so sorry guys) and i've found that if you throw your legs towards your head and get maximum extension you will get a cheap and easy lower back workout as well as a quad workout. maybe a set or two of this will help.(both workouts are secondary to ab workout in this case) i've just found that it gets everything from abs on down working and stretched
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    also you may want to try some exercises that strengthens the lower back like SLDL and Good mornings, its inevitable to take the stress off the lower back while doing squats but if you strengthen the lower back it wont be as much of a problem..
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    Well one of the points of squats is to strengthen the back. Thats the stress you feel on it (hopefully).


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