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Thread: Doing squats again after a 4 month break

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    Doing squats again after a 4 month break

    I started again on wednesday, and holy cow am I sore. Feels great. I took more than a few months off when I started getting lower back pain from deadlifts/squats. Although I was using a smith machine, I still feel great from the soreness. I'm glad to be back in full gear.. although my muscle memory is gone. I struggled with 185 from previously reps with 305

    Anyone have comments about squats/deadlifts with the smith machine? My gym just got a new one and I gave it a try.. it was real easy on my back because you can lean right into the slope of the bar as it transcends the rack. I liked it a lot, for the sake of my back and pushing the last rep without fear of failure. Anyways... just fishing for comments!
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