Somewhere down the road I want to focus on training my deadlift. I currently deadlift once a week, but I'm looking to increase my max. I've had good results so far with my regular 4 day split, but I was thinking about doing a 4-8 week cycle that would be completely devoted to improving my deadlift. I've read a few articles and put together a routine (which could most likely use work), but I'd like some advice as to whether it would be satisfactory for what I'm looking for. The routine is as follows:


Box Squat 3x4
Leg Press 3x4
Lying Leg Curl 3x4
SLDL 3x4


Trap Bar Shrugs 4x6
Bentover Row 2x6
Weighted Pullups 2x6
Weighted Crunches 2x12


Good Morning 2x6
Hyper Extension 2x6
Reverse Hyper Extension 2x6


Rack Pull At Knee Height 95% 3x1
Rack Pull At Shin Height 90% 3x1
Platform Deadlift 60% 2x6

Then after 4-8 weeks of doing this I would test my 1RM and hope I gained on it. I would like to do GHRs but theres nowhere to do them at my gym. I'm also not really looking to do Westside training as this is sort of a one shot deal for now. After this I plan on returning to my usual routine.

Thanks for any help.