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Thread: My Lower back is sore after benching..!

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    My Lower back is sore after benching..!

    Hello, i am not new to this forum, i have been browsing around for quite a few months. I am 16, 5.10 and about 140pounds. Iv been lifting weights on and off for the past 4 months. 3 of those 4 months were really good. i worked hard, saw size gains and overall felt great. At the end of those 3 months though, my benching began to gave me some trouble. After i finished benching, my lower back would have a tense feeling. Is this normal? i heard lifting your legs onto the edge of the bench at an angle helps because it straightens your back, but it doesnt seem to work for me. Because of this i stopped benching and i want to start it again, without the pain.

    Are there any warmups, exercises or stretches i can do to prevent this? or should i change my benching technique?

    Thank you

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    are you arching your back whilst straining to push up the weight?

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    Not at all, my back is completely leveled with the bench, and i never do what i know i cant handle. Does the positioning of where your legs are change anything?

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    If you work out at a gym you should try to get someone with half a brain to watch your form. If you cant do that maybe you could put a video up on here of your bench.
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    A slight arch is not bad (powerlifters have some decent arches when lifting). Just make sure your butt isn't coming off the bench. I think that's where the problem comes.

    My back has cramped up on me somtimes when benching(1 rm's). Mostly lats. Did some light stretching and this seemed to help.
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    maybe touching your toes a few times will help
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