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    Who here is on or has experimented with Low-carb/high fat etc... diets?

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    "i'm experimenting right now-cyclical low carb..."

    yes i am editing here at a later date to further clarify. I agree with those below who suggest the need for carbs- I am not experimenting with a ketogenic diet, but rather take in carbs periodicly to limit fat gain and fill glycogen supplies. I did achieve ketosis for a few days though during the first week and frankly, it sucked as i had little energy and was not exactly craving that next hunk o' meat.

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    Not the best way to go for health or if you want to be able to maintain your results over the years.

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    low carb diets only work while your still on them, once you go back to your normal eating habits, youll gain all the weight back. unless you compete, i think the best way to shed fat and stay lean long-term is cardiow/eca. IMO
    "The harder you train, the harder it is to give up" ~Vince Lombardi~

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    Budiak- If you are looking to gain mass, eat plenty of carbs! You'll need them.
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    I've done a TKD.

    Worked great.

    You won't gain the fat back unless you eat too much when you come off the diet.

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