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Thread: Critique This Routine

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    Critique This Routine

    Day 1
    DB Bench 2x8
    DB Flies 2x8
    DB Incline 2x8
    DB Shoulder Press 2x8

    Day 2
    DB Curls 3x8
    DB Hammer Curls 2x8
    Tricep Cable Pulldown Thing 3x8

    Day 3

    Day 4
    DB Curls 3x8
    DB Hammer Curls 2x8
    DB Shoulder Press 3x8

    Day 5
    DB Bench 2x8
    DB Flies 2x8
    Leg Raises 3x12

    Day 6+7

    Some notes:

    I jog/run (run about 1/4 of every lap) 5 laps on the track which is about half a mile before every workout. I used to do standing calve raises on day 5 also, but I was getting unnecessary ankle pain when running so I'm thinking it's because of those, so I cut them out last Friday, and I ran fine yesterday.

    I started working out around last February 3 days a week, and made a gain of about 10 pounds (couldn't really tell you how much of it was muscle), but I am a genetically skinny guy and I couldn't break 130 pounds (I've been fluctuating between 129 and 131 the past two months.. 132 was my high).

    So a month ago, I decided to try to shake things up with a 4 day split, and I'm still.. 130 pounds. I did switch to working out with dumb bells, though, as I am one of those people who seems to max out on the flat barbell bench with my arms rather than my chest, and I'm thinking about returning to the barbell for benchpress and seeing an improvement there.

    I am thinking about returning to 3-day split this week, mainly because I was too tired to go work out today so I might as well make an excuse for it, haha.

    By the way, I most definitely don't eat enough either, being a college student who's currently taking six hours of classes a day for summer school.. On the average weekday, I probably eat two Nutrigrain bars (~4g of protein), a smoked turkey and fat-free cheese on wheat sandwich for lunch and another before sleeping (~40g of protein), a protein shake after workout and another before sleeping (~40g of protein), and usually eat out for dinner (usually not something "clean" but has protein, conservative estimate of 20g?).
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    I would use that routine, do squats, and eat a lot more, or you'll be stuck at that weight.

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    Are you trying to lose weight or gain weight? You say you do cardio right before your workout. I am no expert, but this is a bad time to do cardio. You should be supplying your body with energy pre-workout, not burning it with cardio. I suggest finding another time to do cardio, and if you are trying to gain weight, I wouldn't even do cardio all together. You gain weight by eating more calories than you burn off, and when you do cardio, that's not helping your weight gain efforts. Another thing, if you want to gain weight, you gotta eat. You gotta eat often and eat a lot. Count how many calories you eat in a day, and since you say that eating what you do isn't putting anymore weight on you, the logical answer would be to increase your calories. Tomorrow try eating 100-200 calories more than you do today and try that for a few days. If it still isn't working, increase more. Also make sure you eat more protein also, I would eat about a gram of protein per pound you weigh (ex:you weigh 130lbs, eat 130g). This worked for me. In the past 8 months, I went from 125lbs to 155lbs. Nutrition is a huge part of gaining weight, probably the biggest part. Anyways, I gotta go. I haven't eaten in like 2 hours, lol.

    P.S. Here is an article that you might find helpful BULKING
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    Your workout has no back or leg exercises. You need to work your whole body (not just chest and arms) if you want to gain any significant size/strength.

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    Ross is right. We don't need no steenking chicken legs!
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    Burritos are the bomb for bulking!
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