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Thread: butt position in deadlift?

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    butt position in deadlift?

    i've been going back into (conventional) deads after 6 months after not doing them b/c of back injury, and i raelized that slightly diff form can make my lower back hurt. the problem occurs (pain) usually when i lower the weight, b/c i guess its hard to lower the weight w/o hitting my quads, since ii do the deads like a squat, and i start to slouch over so that it doesn't hit my quads. the way i do my deads is like a squat position, and on teh down position, the barbell is right next to my shins

    so... how do u guys perform ur deads? some ppl say do it like squats (quads parallel to floor on down position), but i have a hard time lowering the weight to the floor if i do it like this. do u guys hit the floor at the end of each rep? my gym doesn't have the rubber padded deads, which are slightly larger in diameter than the 45s, and it'll make a lot of noise if i hit the floor for each rep.

    the other way that i did deads was the sumo squat, where the legs are farther apart. in this case, the butt isn't as low (not like a squat). i did this w/o much pain, but i didn't think it worked my lats enough

    i dunno if this is common, but i think my problem isn't LIFTING the barbell, but its hard to LOWER the weight back to the floor! i can get heavy weight off the floor w/ good form doing the squat-like dead, but its hard to put it back w/o slouching over.

    btw, forgive me for askign this dumb q, cuz i haven't been online in this forum in a while, but: do u guys have any execution vids in these forums or the other
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