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Thread: pre workout anabolic cardio (+85% hr) triggering testosterone production

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    pre workout anabolic cardio (+85% hr) benefits

    I had this post nestled at the bottom of skyjumpers cardio thread, but at 8minutes a mile I dont think he was hitting 85% was borderline...anyway..I figured this would be interesting to some.

    Looking for opinions supporting/dissenting, and studies to backup/refute this?

    I have done 8-14 minute anabolic cardio sessions pre-workout with fantastic results in fat loss and muscle growth compared to doing 15 minutes of aerobic cardio post workout, or none at all. I thought I might be a freak...and since so many people poopoo cardio on here I just never said anything, but while mining google for info for skyjumper I came across this plethora of information that supports in theory, anabolic cardio. (yes, it uses a lot of the theory behind HIIT benefit)

    The only danger, is cortisol release as high intensity running is gunna make it pump which could limit your post cardio routine.
    after about 20 minutes of high intensity work, cortisol levels shoot through the roof. With that said, for high intensity (85-95% VO2 max) cardio to have the most benefit in its muscle building/fat burning properties, sessions should be kept under 20 min
    However on the plus side
    cardio creates the same anabolic state and window of opportunity as heavy weight training.
    intense cardio is going to pump you with testosterone similar to the 35% rise that you get from doing heavy squats, U'll get a boost in growth hormone and IGF1, so this type of anabolic cardio serves a legit purpose especially on days when ur doing smaller muscle groups using fewer compound movements.

    specific supps to limit cortisol release
    Having Insulin and carbohydrates present before and during a cardio session seems to slow the muscle destroying action of cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine
    protein should be added to the mix. High intensity cardio uses a lot of muscle groups and makes use of a lot of the type II fibers. The same ones we use during weight training. This action alone will be drawing the glucose and amino acids directly to every last one of them.

    Whey hydrolysates, isolates and concentrates, in order of preference, are what should be taken in the period immediately after any work out.
    creatine, glutamine and IGF-1 promoters (Super Bovine Serum) would also be ideal at this time in a pre-cardio mix

    As far as what type of cardio to do, interval seems key...
    "cycling" the amount of cardio you do, in volume and intensity, seems to further stimulate the fast twitch (the big ones) muscle fibers to grow
    Also of note
    you decide to do more than one cardio session a day, the release of GH is magnified with every time (19. J. App. Physiol 83(5) pp. 1756-61 )
    Unfortunately IGF1 production is localize, so use a full body stressing machine like an eliptical and USE the hand bars to pull and push...not just for balance! When I do anabolic cardio I set the machine to maximum resistance (level 20) and nail that biatch for every ounce I've got for 10-15 minutes, then go lift...
    effects of IGF-I on muscle seem to be "local", meaning it has to be produced by, or introduced into the muscle [4]. And because contracting muscle has an insulting-like action (you probably call it the "pump"), all the extra movement from the cardio will be drawing more IGF-I in to cells. So it would be wise to find some type of cardio that uses a lot of different muscle groups.
    all my quotes came from these 2 articles:

    You can calculate your 85% heartrate threshold here:
    also its probably not advisable for anyone taking thermogenics, or anyone over 18% bf

    I'm 28, 66bpm hr (at 12pm) and my 85% rate is u gotta be MOVING to get to that kinda level.
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