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Thread: Working out fast becoming impossible...

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    Working out fast becoming impossible...

    I don't even think anyone can help with this, but hell, I just have to get it out of me...

    For the past year I've been working out at the university's gym (only moved to France last September)... very convenient, because it's free and there's a good, serious atmosphere.
    Problems started in January. The gym isn't fabulous to start with, only has about 15 machines, all of them are quite old and worn out. It doesn't even have dumbbells. Barbells only. So, in January, things get worse some a**hole steals the only pair of 10lb weights in the gym.

    Everything became a bit tougher, but it wasn't too bad because you could still combine two 5lb weights to form 10lb.

    In April, things got very bad when one of the two pairs of 5lb weights disappeared. Now, forming a 10lb wasn't possible anymore.

    The last straw came yesterday, when the remaining 5lb weights and the only 2,5lb weights were stolen. This leaves the gym without a single sub20lb weight... I can say goodbye to my barbell biceps curls, my front shoulder raises, my lateral raises (the jump from the easy 20lb to 30lb is too much for my form), heck, I can actually say goodbye to most exercises since I can't microload anymore, and therefore all progress will stall.

    In about three weeks I'll go back home to Brazil where I can workout without any problems, but in the meantime, it looks like things are going to be pretty bad, not to mention next year here
    I might have to join the only private gym in town, which is very expensive and doesn't look too "serious"... More like the place where guys go to the jacuzzi or sauna and chat up the girls.

    Oh, well....
    Sorry for the rant, as I said, I had to vent my anger.
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    sh*t happens =\ just drive on!

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    Damn that sounds aggravating. Glad u got it off ur chest.
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    Cover the remaining 20lb weights with contact poison and join the other gym. you know its the right thing to do


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    Go to your local Sports Chalet and get two 10lb plates. They'll probably cost you 10 bucks, and you could take it to the gym whenever you're working out. Sounds kinda dumb, but if I was in your shoes, I'd do it.


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