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Thread: vomiting after heavy lifts...

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    With me, it only happened after my first Keto. like the 4th day I hurled in my mouth on leg day, I played it off and walked to the bathroom to empty-out the oral acid wash. Then I started LMAO as it reminded me of the familyguy episode where Peter says "That doesn't really work" and then puts fis finger down his throat and his face baloons up, full of puke.
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    I'm pretty sure its caused by lactic acid build up.
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    Haha, wow, i'm not alone. The guy who owns the gym suddenly appeared with a mop and his girlfriend who yakes the money/makes the protein shakes with a glass of water as if by magic and he just told me to chill out in the changing room for a few minutes. There's service lol.

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    Perks of working out from home:

    1) no one's there to see you vomit and
    2) if you look pathetic enough, the wife will even clean up the mess for you
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