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Thread: 2 chest days a week ?

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    2 chest days a week ?

    Can anyone advice which day should I do that ?

    current workout schedule

    day1 chest/abs
    day2 legs
    day3 arms/abs
    day4 rest
    day5 back/abs
    day6 rest
    day7 rest

    Do I have to add another chest day? or add some chest exercises into my back day or something like that ?

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    2 chest days is good.
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    I'm not sure if you are going for strength or size, but you could have a 'Heavy" Bench Day(sets of 4) and a 'Light' Bench day(sets of 8) during the week.

    I wouldn't do two 'Heavy' Bench days, since you do need to recover from those.
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    I would just add one ot two sets on back day. Not a full wo. If you want to focus on chest I would do them first.

    Could always drop arms and do another bigger chest wo. You can add more chest wo, but might have to cut back on something else to give your body more recovery. Which is fine if you want to beef up something for a couple months.


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