I've noticed that I've been getting shoulder pain while benching. This was probably due to my old form of not tucking in my elbows, flaring them out a bit, and its finally caught up to me. Now I'm tucking in my elbows, but its a bit too late, and I'm feeling some pain. It started up a couple weeks ago, when I bring the bar down I feel a sharp pain in my right shoulder, is this my rotator cuff that is hurting me? Did I just strain it, or did I actually tear it?

When doing normal everyday activities, my shoulders feel normal. I took a week off the bench to give my shoulder a break, I was going to bench light today, but I felt that sharp sting in my shoulder during warmup and decided to stop. I've done a test where I reach behind my back with my right arm, and try to reach my upper back from below. I'll feel a sharp mild stinging pain in my shoulder, but I can't seem tolocate the exact spot.

Any ideas on what's wrong with my right shoulder, and what I should do?

Thanks in advance.