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    I have use of a gym monday to thursday. How do you guys think I should break it down. I use a push pull split. I have been doing pull on monday and including leg curls and push on thursday with squats. I kind of don't like to do that though because I've heard you should work out all the leg muscles together. I've also noticed that my squat or bench press suffer because of the fact i'm doing them both on the same day.

    Do you think I could stick a leg day on tuesday or wednesday? Or would that be cramming them together too much.

    Now that I think of it if I put push on monday and leg on tuesday i might be able to deadlift on thursday.
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    monday - leg
    tuesday or wednsday - push
    thursday - pull
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    getin bigger's split sounds good to me...

    Are you still playing hockey, Darcy? If your games are near the end of the week or weekend, then doing legs early in the week is a good idea...allows for recovery.

    I'm playing on Wednesday's and Saturdays so I've switched my leg day to Sunday and aiming for pull on Monday or Tuesday and push on Thursday or Friday.

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    I stopped playing for the team I was on. It was too much hockey for me.

    That is a much better split than the one I came up with. Thanks


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