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Thread: Shooting up my bench

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    Shooting up my bench

    Read just the bold stuff if you don't want to waste your time.

    I'm trying to get my bench up to 300 lbs by August 14th, when college starts. I declined 265 today and I think that I can probably bench around 250 right now. This is a kind of small time frame to be adding 50 pounds especially considering I am not going in with a taper or anything, but I had a couple ideas that I thought may work. I'm training everything of course, but my size is much better than my strength and this is just a personal goal I'm after. I'm bulking. I'd like your advice on whether this will work.

    I'm training my bench using Westside methods. My days are:
    ME Bench (going to do board presses, max bench, board presses, close grip unless someone has a better idea)
    Tricep Extensions (high sets, 7-10 reps usually)
    Tricep Pushdowns (one or two sets)

    DE Bench (8 sets of 3 at 155 normal bench, which may be slightly heavy but I don't know if I should change it now)
    1 set of about 90% 1rm on normal bench
    1 set within a rep of failure with 185 (I can do about 13 after this stuff)
    Close grip
    DB Incline
    Tricep Pushdowns (usually one or two sets)
    Anyway, my idea is to throw in two or three really serious sessions. At first I didn't buy the idea of Mentzer rest-pausing, but I am kind of interested in that.

    I thought maybe one or two ME days I could just do 6 or 7 singles with 240 (higher as I get stronger) and short rest and then maybe with 230 or so and then maybe just throw in triceps and be done with the workout.

    And then on maybe one or two DE days do what I understand is an Adam Archuleta workout where I do some speed bench ranging from 135 to 160 for 2-5 reps and after every 15 reps do a heavy single and then back again for maybe 4 total "sets" of this.

    Would this work actually help? I don't feel like I'm really overtraining anything right now. I've got about 20 months experience lifting weights. My sticky point is a few inches off my chest. I'm tall (6'3) and relative to my height I've got pretty long arms.

    And that completes my post where I give way too much info on something simple.
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