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    I'm a little confused about THR, from what I've been reading in the past, its 70 to 80% of your MHR. And you should do cardio in your THR to burn the optimum amount of fat.

    The problem started when I got one of these Heart rate monitor watches and the instruction read that for the best Fat burning, you should stay between 50 and 70% of your MHR.
    It went on to state that 70-80% or Fitness Zone as they called it, should only be done "periodically to improve your fitness".

    So what now? Do I go with 50-70% or 70-80% and risk cannibalizing my muscles.

    Anyone know?

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    Its true, especially for long periods of time and right after working out. I ran twice a day freshman year of college and it felt like it was tearing muscles down like an old casino. Keep in the fat burning zone to avoid cannibalizing the muscle. Unless you like the taste of muscle, then go ahead.
    A little pepper maybe?

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