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    Kerry is saying stuff, just not to the nation as a whole. He is in the swing states where this election is going to be won. This country is highly polarized and the people who would vote for Bush back in January will probably still vote for him in November and vice versa. This election is going to be won based on the independents and their ability to look at both sides and come to a conclusion.
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    The half-million citizens of the District of Columbia, like citizens of the fifty states, bear all of the obligations of American citizenship: they are required to obey the laws passed by Congress; they pay federal taxes; they serve in the military; and they fight and die in our wars. Yet they lack the most basic right that should accompany American citizenship—the right to full voting representation in Congress. This makes the United States the only nation in the world with a representative, democratic constitution that denies citizens of its capital representation in the national legislature. In fact, no fewer than 183 nations provide their citizens the type of representation citizens of Washington, DC are denied.


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