We didnt have to fight Germany. We were pulled in by the international community to do something. But my post was referring to postwar Germany and Japan. There was alot of resistance after the war in both countries. I was mearly stating that even though we freed them, we will continue to see resistance just like after WWII.
Half-assed? We systematically destroyed their forces! It was a well, thought out and victorious action. History books will say that it was one of the most decisive victories in the history of warfare. The combat deaths sustained were comparatively small due to the remarkable planning. My post was speaking of post-war. You can't judge them the same way.

Just remember that the UN agreed to the gazillion resolutions about the threat of Iraq. They agreed to the wording of everything and when the US goes by what is agreed to, then they start questioning everything. And while we are on the UN, why smear the US for not going to E. Africa? Why are you not saying that about the UN? That seems like an issue tailor-made for the UN. Wait, they are too busy opposing ANYTHING the US does, so they must be too busy to do their real job. Or is it because they allow a country like Lybia to head up the human rights council?

Saying Bush had his eyes on Iraq before he was elected is as bad as saying that he knew about 9/11 beforehand.