Very vague question...but right now i weigh about 175 pounds, and im only 5'5, and 18 years old. When i tested my BF percentage i was a 19.6%. Im dieting all summer, doing general fitness in the gym to lose weight. I lose an average of 2-4 pounds a im trying to get rid of fat before i start bulking again. I want to start fresh, i want to start thin. I learned a whole lot from all of u, including people in the gym i talk to, so last year i never really did a whole lot right, thats why i gained back lots of fat. But now i know much more, so i want to start thin with not a lot of fat, so that i know im gaining back lean muscle, not my question is, what do YOU think i should weigh to start bulking? What should my goal be? I am at 175 now, my goal is to get down to 155....but some people tell me 140 to start bulking, some say 155 is fine, some say 145...hell, one person said 135. Im dieting until September 4th, which is when i leave for college...But if i lose enough wait to get down to a "starting bulking" weight....ill start bulking even in August, if i lose, what do u all think is a good STARTING weight for me???