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Thread: would you guys say this is too low volume?

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    would you guys say this is too low volume?

    I started working in a factory for the summer and from monday to friday i work long, hard, strenuous shifts. Is this too low of volume to use?


    chest press machine 1 set
    dips 1 set

    (warm up sets as well)


    squats 1 set
    chinups 2 sets
    row 1 set
    pullover 1 set

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    I don't think this question is going to be any good here. You'll have the die hard HIT guys say it's perfect and the die hard anti-HIT guys just think it's ******ed.

    Edit: wtf. They *** re-tard
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    That's pretty low volume.

    It might work for you, though, if your recovery ability is really challenged. Just make sure you work HARD, and add weight every week.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    im anti HIT, way to low
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