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Thread: max OT + 2 days of sports per week = overtraining?

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    max OT + 2 days of sports per week = overtraining?

    Would a person lifting 5 days a week under the Max OT program, with the two rest days moved 3/4 days apart and used as sports days be overtraining? Something like 2-3 hours of basketball that makes you sweat nonstop for the entire duration. I also find it hard to both eat AND sleep big... it's usually eat big sleep 7 hours or sleep 8 and eat small.

    I'm not seeing as much gains as I want so I think overtraining might be an issue. (I also have mediocre genetics if at all.) IF overtraining is likely, is there any to modified the max-ot program, such as by making each "week" last 8 or 9 days instead? (Cutting out the sports days is not a possibility)

    Does it matter if rests days are back to back instead of slotted into the middle and end of the week?

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