I've grown tired of working out at home and figured it was time to go down to the local gym and get a free trial. The first observation I had when I walked in was "damn Im small". I think everyone in there had a better physique than me. Anyway, I found a vacant bench and started my workout and was shocked to discover I can lift about 20lbs more with an Olympic set. My weight set at home is like this crappy junior bench with a standard sized barbell that weighs like 10lbs. I struggled to get 195x5 at home my last workout but I managed 215x5 on this bench.

It was funny to see all the stereo-types of the typical gym. I saw a guy with an upperbody like BCC that had chicken legs. A bunch of guys doing set after set of shoulder excercises in the time it took me to do a full upper body workout. The squat rack was only used once by this guy doing shrugs and the only leg excercise of any kind I witnessed was 2 people doing calf raises.

Overall it was a fun experience. The equipment was top notch and an empty squat rack is never a bad thing. I think I will get a membership tomorrow.