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Thread: extreme obesity

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    Wannabebig New Member
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    extreme obesity

    what do u think of young guys with extreme obesity?
    meaning over 400#?

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    They should lose weight? I'm not exactly sure what you're asking. If you're asking if it is possible to lose weight and get into great shape, absolutely.

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    what do u mean by "young." obesity at 400lbs is always bad at any age! i think that alone qualifies for gastric bypass, which is like one of the most extreme weight loss procedures

    jasonl, i dunno if a 400lber shoudl workout w/o asking the right q's first. at that condition, the person may get serioiusly hurt if he puts too much stress onto his heart (say, from cardio). gastric bypass in general allows weight loss, then at some weight point, the person would be able to excercise normally, and that too will assist in weight loss.
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    I'm not into 'em, personally.

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    1. They are lazy bastards who need to do something.
    2. They have a bad medical condition causeing this.
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    Being 400lbs is fine if you don't want to be with women, live long or enjoy your life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott S
    I'm not into 'em, personally.

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    they should begin to exercise to lose the weight, simple as that
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