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Thread: emphasis on lower abs?

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    emphasis on lower abs?

    anyone have good excercises for lower abs? i havne't had a six pack since my wrestling days in high school, and i started seriously working on abs and now, it starts to show up even at 12% bodyfat. however, i only see the top 4, and when i feel around, the lower ab muscles are much smaller! currently, i do weighted crunches on a decline bench, which seem to help the upper 4 abs, and im trying out leg raises on a bench (lying down) w/ weights to try to target the lower ab muscles. any good excercises recommended for targeting thne lower abs? i think my upper abs are alright for now.
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    The weighted bench leg raises are AWESOME and I do them too. For me ( probably because I swing my legs as far to me as they'll go ) they really give my hamstrings and lower back a good stretch. I say to keep doing them, they're perfect for it.
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    Squats work better than supplements.
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    You don't work your lower abs when you do stuff like leg raises. That works your hip flexors (even though it feels like your lower abs). All your abs get worked together when you do abdominal work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iLUDEd
    lying pikes:
    scroll down about 1/4 of the page
    I like that article!

    re: abs and diet
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